Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nursing Scallop Black/White

RM 48 for L, XL

RM 53 for XXL, XXXL

This Hilyah original design of nursing muslimah tshirt design comes in plain black and sports a white piping at the edge of the top layer. The underlayer with nursing holes at the left and right sides is designed for easy and quick nursing – the top layer provides modest cover during nursing, while the lower layer provide access for breastfeeding.

Nursing is so simple with this practical Hilyah design. Just lift the top layer and pull the lower layer from the left or right to breastfeed your baby.

All the familiar Hilyah muslimah tshirt features are presented in this design – A cut body, above-knee muslimah tshirt length and Hilyah quality material. The sleeves end in cuffs with a 1.5″ slit and a metal button. A flowery motif on the bottom of the body completes the design.

Material: fully combed 100% cotton.

Colour : body : black ; piping, sleeve ends: white

Embroidery : Bloom with the fragrance of Iman

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